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Toddler Toys : Toys for different age groups


All children love toys. Big, small, old, new, colorful or monochrome they make every kid happy. Unless… the toy is not age appropriate. Imagine a baby getting a complex multi-part construction kit, or a smart and curious 5 year old gifted with a musical mobile. Well, it’s a disaster either way! Therefore, while toys are meant to be fun and entertaining, they should also meet kids’ interests, skills and age. A perfect age-appropriate toy is safe, inspiring kids’ imagination at the same time strengthening their development, too. There are certain milestones your children are reaching as they are growing up and the best is to choose toys that help kids grow both, physically as well as socially. Not sure how to meet all these requirements? Take a look at our age-appropriate toddler toys guide!

Alternatively, if you are looking for a safe toy for younger children click here to read our blog post about safe and age-appropriate toys for babies.


Toddler Toys for 1-2 year old

In the second year of life, children are explorers. Fuelled by curiosity and wonder, toddlers also possess the physical skills that make it easy for them to play and learn. A busy toddler needs toys for physical play — walking, climbing, pushing and riding, and ones that encourage experimentation and manipulation. The perfect choice would be push or pull toys that make noise or have pieces that pop up or move, play vehicles with drivers and passengers in them.

For example: push toys, pull toys, play vehicles, toys for bath time.

wooded school bus

wooden school bus with a driver and passengers in it


Toddler Toys for 2-3 year old

Older toddlers love testing their physical skills — jumping, climbing, and throwing — and enjoy toys for active play. Imaginative play also begins in the third year. A toddler will probably play in a gender-stereotypical way – at least some of the time. A boy may use his dump truck to scoop up sand, while a girl might pretend to feed her doll and put it down for a nap. Boys and girls are both very active at this age and will still enjoy their push and pull toys. You can also introduce a rocking toy at this age.

For example: Push toys, pull toys, play vehicles, rocking toys, ride on toys, play household items (telephone, lawn mower, shopping cart).

rocking horse

You can also introduce a rocking toy at this age

Children toys for 3-6 year old

After the age of 3, children begin to play actively with each other. Preschoolers and kindergarteners are masters of make-believe. They like to act out grown-up roles and enjoy costumes and props to help them bring their imaginations to life. It is quite common for children this age to develop strong attachments to favourite toys, expressing feelings to a special doll or teddy bear.

For example: tricycle and helmet, construction toys, dolls, dress-up clothes, storybooks.

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