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Safe Baby Toys : Choose Responsibly


If you come into a toy store or look for safe baby toys online the hardest thing to do might be to pick the right one because nowadays there are so many toys to choose from! It can be especially hard for first-time parents or someone who’s planning to visit a new human being and who has no knowledge of baby toys at all. Well, while baby toys are supposed to be cute and entertaining they, first of all, should be safe for babies (meaning no small or sharp parts), age-appropriate and strengthening babies’ development, too. Since our job is to make baby friendly toys we would like to share some tips with you about how to pick the best and safest baby toys.

Baby Toys for 0-6 Months Old

For approximately half of the first year babies cannot hold objects with their hands, however they thoroughly enjoy exploring the world with their ears and eyes. Therefore, the most appealing baby toys are the ones that have high-contrast colours or those that make noise. After newborns grow up a little and start to reach for objects around them, they start to enjoy those baby toys that have some texture. And have in mind: sooner or later the toys will most definitely end up in the baby’s mouth!

 For example: rattles, teethers, mobiles, cloth dolls.

safe baby toy

the most appealing baby toys are the ones that have high-contrast colours


Baby toys for 6 – 12 months old

Later on, between the first 6 and 12 months, babies develop some new motor skills, therefore they start to play with toys in new and exciting ways. After babies learn how to sit up they start to enjoy toys they can interact with – to stack up, to bang, to drop, to open and shut, to put in and take out and so on. Soon after they learn to crawl or take their first steps babies enjoy toys that move together with them, like push and pull toys.

For example: rattles, balls, simple shape sorters, push toys, pull toys, nesting and stacking toys.

safe baby rattle

Soon after they learn to crawl babies enjoy toys that move together with them


Some tips on choosing safe baby toys:

  • Make sure the toy is made from materials suitable for baby toys and is free of toxins that would harm the baby once the toy is chewed on:
    • a plastic toy should be made by a well know, trustworthy brand, should be scent-free and have CE marking.
    • a wooden toy should be painted and impregnated with safe materials. The best are the natural ones, however, one should make sure the baby is not allergic to them.
  • Make sure there are no sharp angles and edges the baby could harm himself/herself with.
  • Baby toys cannot have any long and pointy parts that a baby might gag on.
  • Baby toys cannot have any small parts that could come loose in case of a minor mechanical damage or after contact with water (drooling).


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