We make Friendly Toys by hand in the place where trees touch the sky

After our daughter was born, we started looking for safe, natural and beautiful toys.

Hello there! We are a family of four: Donatas, Sigita, Goda and Saule, and we are the creators of Friendly toys. Dad Donatas works with wood, mom Sigita hand-paints the toys while little daughters Goda and Saule run the Inspiration and Criticism department. We live and create the toys in the countryside of Lithuania.

When we were expecting our first child we decided that we don’t want to raise our baby in a busy capital city, therefore we left our jobs and moved to a cozy little house by a forest. We did not have any guaranteed work there which sounds crazy and a bit dramatic, but it turned out to be the best: we got to know ourselves better and figured out our priorities. After we did that, the rest came very naturally.

Friendly Toys are created to be safe, natural and beautiful friends to children.

The first time we sold our wooden toys was at a traditional arts and crafts fair. Our toy stand was quite a hit there, which encouraged us to continue. Later on we got to know about Etsy and decided to opened our shop there. Pretty soon it became clear that just like that we could show our creations to the whole world even when we lived in the middle of a forest ourselves.

One of our goals is to create toys that would stay interesting even after the kids have grown up. It takes a long time to design a toy. We keep drawing, discussing and working on the design until all four of us are happy with it. But after all, our favorite part is holding the final result in our hands. It’s just the best feeling!